Online Trading Card Game

The very first TCG was created by Calico at Senshi Card Mania. A TCG, or trading card game, is an online game similar to that of the real life Pokemon. Members collect graphic cards of their choosing in order to completely master that deck.

Once a deck is mastered, that member receives a reward and continues on to their next favorite deck. In order to keep track of their cards, members must have a site ("trade post") that holds all of their cards. This page must also have a trading log in which other collectors know where/when they receive said card.


Enchanted was established in 2008 (previously known as Park Hopper). It was the first online trading card game dedicated to Walt Disney Parks. In 2014, Heather combined Park Hopper & Enchanted (a TCG dedicated to Disney Movies) to create one Ultimate Disney TCG ! We are the first online trading card game dedicated to all aspects of Disney.

Our Cards

We have a lot of categories, however only 3 types of cards. Below you'll find the types of cards with examples and their worth! Some movie scenes may contain 2 decks, this occurs mainly for the transformation scenes because there is usually a large amount of images for those scenes (and because they are always so beautiful).

Regular Special Member Cards
Worth 1 Worth 2 Worth 0

Leveling up

To level up you must reach the card amount required. Once you have reached that amount, send in the form and you'll be all set! Your goal is to become a manager of the Parks!

Level Up - 2 choice, 3 random & 1 special
Level Cards needed
Intern 01-50
Custodiant 51-100
Stable Attendent 101-200
Ticket Seller 201-400
Ticket Taker 401-700
Resort Transportation 701-1000
Photographer 1001-1300
Guest Relations 1301-1600
Security 1601-1900
Costuming 1901-2200
Attractions 2201-2500
Tour Guide 2501-2800
Performers 2801-3100
Cast Members 3101-3400
Assistant Manager 3401-3600
Manager 3601+


Everybody loves collecting cards, and we all feel special once we master a deck! Everytime you master a deck, you fill out a form letting us know which deck you mastered and which deck you'll be collecting next!

Regular Master - 1 choice & 4 random
Member Card Master - 1 choice, 3 random
Special Master - 1 choice, 3 random & 1 special random


Our currency, as you can see below, is none other than the Walt Disney Railroad. The parts of the train are all equal in worth and are counted by total.