Downtown Disney area is an ever-changing shopping, dining and entertainment destination in Walt Disney World Resort. Below you will find all of our games, contests and extra activities to partake in!

Note you will see a mixture of both resort and movie images during the rounds!

CyberSpace Mountain - weekly

Title Description
Gizzmos freebies
Hades Hangman beat Hades in hangman
Trust in Me Kaas memory
Cruella's War play a round against Cruella
Aubrey's Shop 'round & 'round it goes
Tianas Melting Pot what is in Tianas pot?
Title Description
Higher or Lower take a guess
Matching match the cards
Melody's Puzzle put the puzzle together
Slots match 3 characters
Wishing Well make a wish
Card Adoption adopt some lonely cards
Blackjack beat Quasimodo

Magic Mirrors - monthly
Title Description
Scene Mix-Up rearrange the scenes
Movie Trivia answer the trivia question
Hop Aboard name the ride
Forgotten Face name this character
Lovely Voice who voices this character?
Park Trivia answer the park trivia
World of Disney - bi-monthly
Title Description
Place to Stay name the resort
Gypsy Dance who's walking around?
Character Information answer the questions
Critical Error fix the mistake
Whiplash what does this say?
Taglines what movie is it?

Emporium - forum based
Title Description
Lottery try your luck
Build a Deck create a deck together
Mini Decks small masterable decks
Disney Tails - ongoing
Title Description
Doubles trade in those doubles
Member Cards member card request
Landyards trading cards
World of Disney shop til' you drop