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Games - Weekly & Monthly games have been updated!!
Level Ups - Overlord (2)
Wish Granted - Christina wished for "I wish for choice cards spelling out AUTUMN" - 1 card per deck & comment.

New Decks

You may all take 3 regular & 1 special cards total (2 per deck) and comment.

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope all who celebrate this holiday enjoyed it! This weekend has been full off turkey, gift wrapping and Christmas lights for me. This is a short update merely because I'm exhausted after a day of Christmas shopping and cleaning my room after the gift wrapping part of me was released. I am sorry that Enchanted has seemed unorganized lately, I do plan on trying to get all of my thoughts on paper and hoping that in the coming new year, I can better organize and navigate this trading card game. If you have any thoughts and/or suggestions for this TCG, please leave it in the comment and you may take an extra choice card for responding.

4 Comments | Posted on 29 Nov 2014 by Heather

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