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Dreamers - Mariko [I know we have new dreamers but I haven't been receiving join e-mails, so I don't know all of you]!
Affiliates - Mystery Sagashi
Games - Weekly games have been updated!!
Level Ups - Christina & Sponge (2)
Wish Granted - I wish for cards spelling out THANKS in honor of being Thankful for November & Thanksgiving (one card per deck)

Game Updates

Weekly/Biweekly games have been combined into a single category. Since they are automated, it made sense to just keep them together. I am still deciding if I want to do the same with Monthly/Bi-Monthly, it would make life much easier.

Because of this, rewards have been slightly decreased where needed.

Level Updates

Because I have combined the weekly/biweekly games, I have also increased the levels (from two on up) and created 2 more badge sets!

Other Additions/News

  • I have finally added Stamp Cards as well as Prejoin Badges for those who have requested them. If you are a prejoiner and you have yet to request a prejoin badge, you may do so, here!
  • Please feel free to donate an image to our current round of Members Favorite so we can start building special decks together!
  • November is still double donations month, so if you would like to donate, you may do so over here
  • Here at Enchanted, we celebrate events that occur! You can keep track of all events that you were apart of by visiting here!

    New Decks

    You may all take 4 cards total (2 per deck) and comment.

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